Things to Expect During Your Construction in London


Owning a home in London is a great achievement. Building or remodeling a home is, however, a big emotional and financial investment. It might also require a great deal of your time if you want to be involved in the decision making process. You need to be sure about the entire construction process. You want a building that reflects the amount of resources that you have invested into the project. If the construction goes wrong, you are in for major liabilities. Therefore, you need to consider the best construction London options. A property developer London expert will guide you to choose the best options that suit your construction needs. The choice of the construction company you make, however, greatly determines the success or failure of the project. Basically, there are certain qualities you expect a reputable contractor to possess in order to complete a project successfully. Here are some of the things you should expect from the construction London company you choose.

construction london

Work schedule

You expect your construction company to have a well articulated work plan. The schedule should be more than just commencement and completion dates. It should outline the timing of each task in terms of sequencing and deadlines. This will give you a benchmark if things are being delayed. If you have hired a refurbishment London company, you need to be sure they will complete work within the agreed period of time. You do not want extended intrusion of your property. The schedule should clearly state the dates and times the worker shall be on site.

Workers on site

It is important to know the number of workers handling your project. The numbers vary widely depending on the structure and size of the company you hire. The contractor is expected to have a superintendent responsible for the supervision of day-to-day work on site. He should be the contact person with whom you call on a daily basis to make any inquiries. Also find out the person responsible for opening and locking up.

Communication channels

You might not always be present on site. But, you must receive all the information you need to know about your project. A professional contractor will have a specific way they communicate with their clients: cloud-based schedules, emails or just phone calls. Make sure that the method used favors you. For instance, if you don’t have constant access to the internet, they might need to make phone calls.

Change order

Changes are inevitable during a construction. You should expect the contractor to change certain initial plans. The construction company London option you choose should prepare you for such unexpected scenarios before the project begins. Typically, the change order will be made in writing in the construction contract. The client and contractor sign against the changes. The changes can be in relation to change in the scope of work or prices.

After-sale services

Construction contracts often require end-of-project paperwork-inspection reports, lien releases, marked-up plans, and maintenance guides, among others. You also need operating manuals for installed equipment. All these documents are important as they provide you with full information you need about the home. Does the construction London company you have hired provide such documents to their clients? Make sure you get this information before the contract begins.

Five Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Hire


Installing a roof for your house is a long-term investment in which you may not want to make any mistake. That is why you need to hire a dependable contractor to give you quality installation or repair service for your roof. To get the best contractor for roof repair Atlanta provides, you need to filter the bunch of service providers in the market and come up with one that best meets your needs.

As each contractor in the market claims to be the best, the following set of questions can help you narrow your search and land a reliable company for roof repair Atlanta community offers.

Roof Repair
Roof Repair

1.    What is the full name and address of your company?

This is quite important to determine the location of the business. If the contractor gives you a Post Office Box, ask further for a street address to know exactly where the business is located. In the end, knowing the location of your contractor helps you decide whether you should go ahead and hire its services or not. It is often preferable that you hire a company within your locality to minimize travel expenses and confirm familiarization with the surrounding.

2.    Does the company have insurance?

Roof installation or repair services can lead to eventualities that can only be covered in the best way by insurance. For example, substantial damage to property or serious work injuries can be solved by insurance coverage. Reliable contractors for roof repair Atlanta provides put their best foot forward by having liability and workers compensation coverage. That insurance package takes care of any eventuality should it happen in the course of their duty. Insist on seeing valid certificates of insurance before work can start.

3.    Is the company licensed?

As a customer, you want to deal with a legally certified company that meets all standards set by the state or city. Besides, credentials indicate a company’s ability to serve clients and meet their expectations. If you want the best company for roof repair Acworth provides, it is necessary to ask your preferred contractor whether the company has enough credentials in the market to back its services.

4.    How long has the company been in business?

A professional roofing contractor needs to have adequate experience to enable it handle various roofing projects. Roof repair services involve various activities such as roof replacement, construction grading, replacement siding, or insulation repair among others. For a roofing company without enough experience, it may not be easy to handle such projects to precision. After knowing the number of years a company has been in business, it can be easy to judge their competence and ability to handle various aspects of roofing activities.

5.    Who are some of the previous clients of the company?

A dependable roofing company has enough referrals to back its services. On the other hand, it is a way of judging the quality of work delivered by the contractor. If previous clients were happy, chances are that your project is in safe hands. In case you get wind from an unhappy client, you can verify what the problem was and eventually make a wise decision.

In Atlanta, the best roof repair and installation contractor is Chandler Construction Group.