How to choose the best tailor in Bangkok


Everyone wants to look stylish by wearing well tailored clothes that perfectly suit their body. Perfect-fit clothes not just enhance the look of the person, but also add more charm to their personality. These help in building confidence as the person feels comfortable in wearing clothes that fit their body perfectly. Choosing the best tailor in Bangkok is a great solution for getting the desirable tailoring services.

These days, professionally skilled and trained tailors are also offering their services online. They are known for their world class shift sewing and diligent services. Bangkok’s best tailors have their fans all across the globe who especially come to this city for getting their clothes tailored as per the specifications. Although choosing the right tailor can be a tedious task in a place where tailors are so ubiquitous, but by following a few simple tips, one can surely find an ideal tailor who can provide the best value for the money.

Custom shirts and suits are the ultimate souvenir for men in Thailand. The tailors in Bangkok are known for their high quality craftsmanship which they offer at the most affordable prices. A visit to these tailors usually occupies the top rank in most visitors’ to-do list when they are here in Bangkok. This is because tailor-made clothing is an ideal choice, especially for those who are unable to get perfectly fit, ready-to-wear clothes. The best tailor in Bangkok assures their clients of providing best, bespoke services. Here are the tips for finding Bangkok’s best tailor:

·        It is not at all wise to fall for the special deals or cheap packages that are advertised in glossy brochures to grab the attention of the customers. Chances are more that you will end up paying much more than what is required, and you might have to settle yourself with inferior quality services. Always remember that quality and luxury can’t be afforded for cheap. However, you can surely ask the service provider to offer you a decent discount on the tailoring services.

·        Another way of finding the best tailor in Bangkok is to ask the staff of the hotel in which you are residing. These days, most of the big hotels have contacts of  reliable tailors which offer tailor-made clothing.

·        In order to save time and energy, the clients can suggest the design, in case they have any specific one in their mind. This will help the tailor in knowing about their personal choice and taste. Another important thing that the shoppers must consider before selecting a tailor is their experience. This will ensure that the tailor will be able to do a good job.

·        One can surely ask the tailor to provide some samples of their work as this will help them in getting an idea about their work quality. In the sample material, one can inspect stitching, quality of fabric used by them, lining and general craftsmanship.

·        Avoid going for the ready in 24 hour delivery option until there is no other option left. Always bear in mind that tailoring, stitching and sewing the clothes is an art that requires peace and time for coming up with the best results.

So, one can easily find an ideal tailor in Bangkok by considering the above given pointers.


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It is only so often that you would think about changing your home décor. If you have been contemplating of late about giving a completely new touch to your interior design, there is no better time to get it done than now. With the advance in technology, you can now shop for high-end designer furniture online at your convenience at get them delivered right at your door step. The internet has made everything so much easier and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t shop for the best items to spice up your living space.

designer furniture online

As a matter of fact, here are great reasons why you should take up the opportunity to buy designer furniture for this year 2015;

–      Reinvent your home

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you changed your décor? Do you still look forward to finally getting home after a long day’s work, knowing you have a perfectly set up place to relax? Are you avoiding hosting any more book club meetings because your home has the same old, boring look? Well, the chance is now to get some interior design inspiration online and refurbish your home.

–      Get rid of old furniture

Although some furniture might have sentimental values – like that old couch your mother gave you when you first moved out, they get old with time, wear out and become very unattractive. It probably is the best time to get rid of all old furniture in your home and finally replace them with some modern stylish pieces.

–      Create space in your home

When browsing through different designer furniture online, you will notice that they are very elegant and fashionably designed. Choosing such pieces will definitely save you a lot of space especially since they add functionality and simplicity to your overall theme. With designer furniture, your house will look uncluttered and spacious.

These are just a few of the many important reasons you should shop for designer furniture this year.

However, it is important that you choose carefully the pieces that will add value to your life as well as complement your set up. Among the top designer furniture that you should take a look at include:

1.   Chests, Cabinets and Dressers – They come in different sizes, shapes and material used. When you go for such furniture, make sure you know exactly the space allowance you have and where to put them.

2.   Sofas – Traditional to every home, a classy designer sofa will always impress your guests and add to the overall beauty of your home. Choose the colors wisely to complement your theme.

3.    Coffee and Bedside tables – They add functionality and suitability to the home.

4.   Headboards – Aside from designer beds, headboards are important in creating a romantic tone and a more relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Other items you can find in the best online designer furniture stores are such as; mirrors, dining tables/chairs, arm chairs, stools and cabinet buffets among many others.

In conclusion, you will always find enticing designer furniture online at greater discounted prices when you shop at the right dealer. One such dealer you should consider buying from is who provides exclusive Australia designer furniture for your modern stylish living needs. To know more about us, visit: RISENN.