How to Get a Professional Painting Outcome

When it comes  to home improvement projects in the Gold Coast, painting is one of the most obvious, cost effective and also one that is also going to give you the most dramatic results. However, painting a house also costs a lot of money and time and needs a certain a degree of expertise in order to help you pull off the outcomes that you want. That is why it is important to hire painters in Gold Coast who will give you an exceptionally professional outcome with an end to end service covering everything from colour consulting to procuring the best quality paint products that will stand the test of time.

In order to get the best quality and professional workmanship on your painting jobs, there are certain steps that painters in Gold Coast must undertake. These include purchasing the right quality Australian paint, carrying out adequate surface preparation, choosing the right tools for the paint job and also applying the right techniques that will give you the best paint jobs.

When it comes to painting projects, it is important to set aside a reasonable timeframe for completing the project in order to allow high-quality application with excellent craftsmanship.

Purchasing Your Painter

Painters in Gold Coast with considerable experience in the industry generally have a good idea of the best quality paint products to purchase. The painters must begin by working out how much paint they will need. They can measure up the surface area to be painted in order to determine the amount of people that will be required.  Generally, a litre of paint is sufficient to paint up to 16 square metres.

Picking the Right Colour

Colour consultation is one of the important jobs that painters in Gold Coast do for their clients. Generally, it is safe to pick the more neutral colours. Good colour choice should be one that will complement your furnishings. Before picking the right colour, it is important to have a sample and try it at home in order to determine if it will be a right match for your home.

Choose the Right Finishes

The type of finish that you choose will determine the type of room where it will be applied. For bedrooms and living rooms, for example, you can go for the low sheen finishes. For ceilings, choose flat acrylic. You can also pick any other specialty paint for ceilings out there. If there is a timber trim to be painted, use a gloss acrylic trim, a low sheen or even a semi-gloss paint. For bathrooms or laundry rooms, choose low sheen or even flat acrylic paints and make sure these contain additives that will ensure mold control.

The Equipment

The type of equipment that painters use for the job also has a bearing on the quality of the finishes. Painters in Gold Coast with the right equipment will generally give you a fast, efficient and high quality finishes. For bigger surface areas, rollers are generally ideal. For smaller areas, corners or even edges, it is best to use brushes.


Good preparation is key to successful paint application. The surface must be scraped, scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly before the application of the paint.  Make sure all the dirt and grease have been eliminated before applying the paint. The flooring and furniture and windows should be covered in order to protect them from paint spillage.

After the application of the paint, the job site must be cleaned thoroughly. The brushed must be cleaned of excess paint and washed. Only trust quality products and trusted professionals when it comes to painting your exteriors.