Learn Why the Printer May Stop Working When It’s Least Expected

Printing business can be a good source of income and a better way of connecting with new clients every day. This happens especially if you are careful to maintain quality printing work. However, the printers sometimes abruptly fail to work for numerous reasons. Once this happens, the next thing you do is calling in competent technicians to inspect and repair them. According to most competent technicians, maintaining regular Epson printer repairs extends the lifespan and it also improves quality of work. Below are probable reasons a printer may fail to work.

Epson Printer Repairs

Driver issue

Every printer has software or device driver that enhances communication between the device and the operating system. If your printer has no installed drivers or if the drivers are defective, the printer will hardly respond. On the other hand, the printouts it may give may have much gibberish on them. If you don’t get the drivers you need from the websites that manufacturers provide, you may seek help fromtechnicians who offer quality same day repairs. Printers with the right drivers don’t develop issues just anyhow.

Print spooler is stuck

Every time you print a document, your computer temporarily stores certain files on it. The main function of the printer is to retrieve the work and print it when needed. Once the print spooler service is stuck, the printer will not respond to any printing work you command it to do. Although you may restart the spooler service to resolve the existing problem, it sometimes fails to work. In such a situation, it is important to contact technicians who provide quality Epson printer repairs to have the problem professionally resolved.

Consumables problem

When most printers are out of toner, ink or papers, they will stop working. If the printer’s system detects a problem with the toner or ink cartridge, it will send some error messages to alert you. In fact, the printer may start blinking amber or green lights. If the printer you use in the office is the high-volume type, it might stop working once the waste toner bottle is full. This is the bottle that receives all the toner particles that go unused during the printing process. In connection to this, the printer may stop working if the internal sensor senses that the serviceable life of certain printer parts such the drum is over. But you should not presume it before those who offer Epson printer repairs have confirmed it.


Most people don’t understand that all printers have a particular page volume they should print in a month. If you check on the online product page, printer’s retail box or the user’s manual, this information is readily available. If you exceed the recommended monthly printing volume, the printer may encounter consistent paper jamming. In addition, the printer’s internal components like the paper pickup rollers may instantly fail.

Most people get stressed when their printers fail to work especially when they can’t speculate what the problem was. At times, the do-it-yourself tips might just aggravate the problem if handled by an unskilled person. For this reason, those with defective printers should always seek the help of technicians who competently offer affordable Epson printer repair services. This way, the real problem would be diagnosed and worked on at the right time.