Never Again with Diamond Doctor!

Many people do not know this. But, the Diamond Doctor scam is real. I can say this from experience. I wish it was a nightmare. But, I cannot erase from history or memory the fact and reality that I have been ripped off of my hard earned savings by the company. I cannot also get rid of my anger and frustration every time I recount and remember the betrayal that was Diamond Doctor.

diamond doctor scam

I did not really know the deal about the whole Diamond Doctor lawsuit. I did not imagine before that someone or many of their customers would come forward and sue the company probably the thing of the company being a scam might have been expertly covered up. Besides, I hear some really good ads about this big company which has been around for many years selling diamonds at low prices. And they are quite reputable in Dallas.

Was it just me? Definitely not. There were others who were victims of the Diamond Doctor scam. And so like them, I am sending this Diamond Doctor Dallas scam alert to everyone and anyone. They sold me low-grade diamonds more than its actual worth. How they did it? They gave me a fake certificate indicating the diamond I chose and purchased was a lot higher than its real grade. So, typically I paid thousands more than what should have been its worth.

I had no idea then that I was made a fool. Not until my fiance who had an investigator’s mindset and a penchant and expertise for jewelry nagged me of its real price. She was quite surprised when I showed her the certificate and receipt so she had the engagement ring stone checked by another jeweler, her acquaintance. The jeweler was GIA certified to do an evaluation. My fiance also had no problems with the jeweler in her previous dealings. Turns out, her hunch was right. The diamond was indeed overpriced. I was scammed by Diamond Doctor Dallas.

I wish I could say otherwise. But, never trust a company just because they have such sophisticated ads and building. Always leave room for doubts. I called the company so my complaints would become official. They said they would look into the matter in their same professional conduct. They said they would get back to me immediately. When they did, it was to inform me that they did not commit any mistake and that they stand for their evaluation and pricing.

I am still thinking if I want to sue the company or just let it go. i am just a small man against a really big fish. I really do not want to go through the whole diamond scam Diamond Doctor did to me. I think it would just bring more hassle. But, I still feel their is no closure, like there is till axe left to grind. And if it would expose the company for their wrongdoings, then I might just might. And to all the diamond shoppers out there, you can deal with the company at your own risk. You have been warned. Diamond Doctor scam is real!