Select Replacement Battery Carefully: Follow These Tips

Your smart phone is a precious investment in this age where people’s lives revolve around their cell phones. However, like any other device, a cell phone comes with its share of challenges, one of which is the battery wearing out. For example, if you own an iPhone model, the moment its battery degrades you will have to do an iPhone battery replacement. Therefore, how do you go about the process of getting a new battery for your smart phone? There are various factors that you need to consider before you get a battery replacement for your phone. Read on to find out.

iphone battery replacement

Check out warranty on your existing battery

The first thing to find out before you do iPhone battery replacement is to confirm whether your worn-out battery is under some manufacturer’s warranty. Most cell phone manufacturers often provide a one-year warranty on phone accessories such as battery. The warranty period for battery may be longer on some phones, so it is important to check on that. If your battery degrades within the warranty period, the manufacturer of your phone should be able to provide a new replacement free of charge.

Alternatively, if you doubt whether your phone is still under warranty, it is important to contact the company to find out if the battery is still under warranty or not. In case the manufacturer tells you the battery is still under warranty, you can save money, as the company will provide a replacement free of charge. If, on the other hand, the company says the battery is no longer under some warranty, then you will incur out of pocket expenses to get an iPhone battery replacement.

In some cases, be warned that getting a replacement battery when your battery is under warranty from the manufacturer can ruin the warranty terms.

Check out your existing battery details

Before you get the actual replacement for iPhone battery, it is advisable to confirm the make and model of your phone. This enables you to buy a battery that will work in it without further problems. Remember that a mismatch on phone batteries can degrade even the function and performance of your handset. Sometimes, you can obtain information about battery replacement from certified carriers or repair shops. For instance, if you are in Sydney CBD, you may get adequate information from reliable shops for mobile phone repairs Sydney CBD has to offer.

Knowing your phone’s model number is important together with relevant details about the phone such as the phone’s original name from the factory and more details on the battery. Such information may be available on the manufacturer’s website, user’s manual, and on the battery itself. If not, then you can call the manufacturer through the customer service department for details about your battery.

Getting the battery replacement  

Once you have the right information at hand, you are set to acquire your replacement battery. At this stage, you have two options: you can either buy from the manufacturer or from third party dealers. For instance, if you are in Sydney, you may get a replacement battery from Ozphonerepairs, a company that does mobile phone repairs in Sydney CBD.