Three Different Styles of French Furniture Online That Can Beautify Your Home

When it comes to sophisticated furniture, one of the first things that come into our mind is French Furniture. These are known worldwide for their sophistication, meticulous carvings, and rustic appeal. Today, it is quite common to see a pair of French Chic Furniture in households around the world. This popularity is also the reason behind hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers and varieties of different French furniture online. Although we can’t run out of choices that easily, the number of furniture options out there somehow makes searching and buying a tedious task.
If you’re one of those who fell in love with the beauty of this furniture, then this entry is for you. This article highlights all the things that you need to know before buying French furniture online.
French furniture onlineMeaning of the Term
You should know that the term ‘French Furniture’ refers to the ‘style’ of a furniture, rather than a furniture made by French furniture companies or made in France. This style of furniture is easily recognized for its airy, light, semi-ornate look, and elegance. Some even come with subtle curves and delicate lines, which suggests an older era. It also covers all types of home and office furniture – from tables and chairs, beds, cabinets, drawers, dressing tables, and pretty much any type of furniture you can think of.
Types of French Furniture Designs and their Origin
Like the rich culture and history of France, Parisian furniture has developed and evolved through time as well. There are three (3) basic types of styles to choose from: the French royal furniture, the Parisian furniture, and the Provincial furniture.
French Royal Furniture
This type has the most sophisticated design – originally-made for kings and members of the Paris’ court, aristocrats, and families in the upper class. Some are used as furnishings in royal palaces, while others are given as occasional ambassadorial gifts. This type of furniture is usually made by artists, also considered as works of art. Many of these are now preserved in museums and galleries, as well as in the hands of avid antique collectors.
The furniture’s design features intricate carvings with elaborate marquetry (the art of including pieces of veneers to a furniture – forming decorative designs, patterns, and pictures). Popular craftsmen and artists in the mid-17th century drew names in their work, as well as incorporate veneers of ivory and tortoiseshell.
Parisian Furniture
This furniture style showcases the country’s metropolitan culture. Its inspiration came from the decorative arts of Europe – whose influence extends from Spain, Sweden, and even Russia in the late 17th century up to the last workshop crafts tradition that ended in World War II. This style also combines sophisticated and sleek modern design with a traditional antique feel – resulting to enchanting beauty, style, and luxury.
French Provincial Furniture
This one is referred to as French provincial furniture because it mirrors the distinct cultural identities of France’s provincial cities and towns. These were originally-made in the country’s provincial centers, particularly in Blois and Orléans at Loire Valley and at Liège (not part of the country’s political territory, but within France’s cultural reach). This design also followed innovations in the country’s luxury trades, usually with a time lag that could sum to decades.
The furniture collection includes simple scalloped carvings, as well as dining chairs with carvings of wheat patterns that reflect its maker’s environment. The ladder back chair, which comes with a woven rush seat, is also common in dining chairs of this type. While finishes may vary, it is highly common that polishes accumulate grime through time – accentuating carvings even more, regardless whether stained or painted.
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