Your Guide to Mysterious Bug Bites

If you live on the Gold Coast, AU, you’re probably tired of the beach so you stay at home during summertime. You’re unwinding in your living room till you see that a bug bites you. It starts to itch a bit, but you ignore it. You catch the perpetrator—open windows. Click here sliding fly screen door


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You start considering purchasing a sliding fly screen door up until it itches a lot and is swelling. You begin to worry: Oh, dear. Exactly what did simply bit me? Am I going to have insect powers now? Most bites are safe and disappear by themselves.

Prior to acting crazily because of panic, there are ways to find out what bit you:


Ah, the common bad guy. You’ll know it’s them with their signature itchy, red or pink, and round mark. Swelling is typically common as it’s an allergic reaction to their saliva. They’re typically harmless, however, they can also be ruthless.

Mosquitoes are likewise responsible for malaria and dengue fever, so if you have containers with stagnant water in your home, you have to deal with them immediately as mosquitoes enjoy to reproduce in those. The best preventive procedure is to put a window barrier like a sliding fly screen door.

Biting Flies

Didn’t understand flies could bite? Well, now you do. These pests are pests to horses, human beings, and cows. Females normally enjoy biting human beings. They can bring the problem and their bites are painful. If your house is near a marsh, make certain to set up a sliding fly screen door.

Bee stings

Bee stings hurt, however, fade gradually to a dull, numbing sensation. Bee stings are red, round marks with a white ring surrounding it. The risk of bee stings is anaphylaxis or the serious allergy to the venom by your body immune system. This needs instant medical attention.

Call triple absolutely no (000) in a case of emergency situation. Be careful of bees by putting a mesh barrier in openings near your garden. You can buy an Australian sliding fly screen door if you want to set up one by yourself.


The most frustrating bites. They appear in little, round clusters of red marks on your skin. And they are so itchy! Some individuals are so unlucky due to the fact that irritated hives cause an allergy. Healthcare should be gotten in touch with instantly to avoid complications.

Bed bugs can bite anywhere, so ensure to regularly change those bed sheets and mattresses. The silver lining though is that they do not carry diseases.

Assassin bugs

If you get bit by these people, you could really say that it was an assassination. These are insects that live up to their names. They can fly and usually appear during the night. They can cause painful bites, rashes, high fever, muscle pains, migraines, throwing up, diarrhoea, and appetite loss.


So now you may have an idea of what bit you. If it was a safe bite, do the required treatments and perhaps take additional preventative measures. If it’s a worrying bite like an assassin bug bite, you should seek a health expert instantly.

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